Since 1895 Austria regularly takes part in the art-exhibition Biennale di Venezia (Biennale).

The publication- and research project “Austria and the Venice Biennale 1895 – 2013” by Jasper Sharp and Katharina Boesch facilitated by the Republic reviewed the history of Austria’s participation in the Biennale as well as the history of the pavilion build in 1934.

In 2016, the extensive documentation and photographic material which resulted from this research (project lead: Christina Bartosch and Judith Stöckl) was transferred to the Angewandte to ensure its archival storage and development.

The Biennale Archive plays an important role in the collective mind of the Austrian artistic and cultural sphere and shall thus be made accessible and secured for future generations.



“Bundesminister Drozda: Venedig Biennale Archiv Austria ab sofort zugänglich” (press release, May 5, 2017)


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